If you are a lover, collector or admirer of Antique and Vintage Jewelry you won't want to miss the new revived Rogue Vintage Jewelry Convention in October.

This conference style convention is an amazing opportunity to meet up with some internationally know Authors, Dealers, Collectors and Jewelry Historians.

Outstanding Education sessions provided,   Book Signings,  Buying and Selling opportunities provided all while  Social Networking and making In Person connections with like minded individuals during parties, dining and excursions.

Detailed Information below 

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Rogue Vintage Jewelry Convention October 12 - 15th 2023 Radisson Hotel Providence Airport 2081 Post Road, Warwick, Rhode Island 02886 401-298-2294   Rogue Vintage Jewelry Collectors present the ROGUE convention in Providence, R.I. October 13th-15th . This 3 day event is a reunion of sorts. We will be following our traditional “Convention” style. Meetings, Dinners, Workshops, Excursions and Room Hopping Sales. 

 The following is a schedule of events including some Pre-event options.  The Convention will begin officially on Friday afternoon.  Registration Fee includes all weekend meals and events listed below  

  •   Pre-Event Thursday Oct. 12th  5-8pm Open House Wine and Cheese Party at Rhode Island Antique Mall   Vintage Attire Encouraged  (sometimes there is a special recognition for Vintage Attire )  Transportation on your own, Uber or carpool with friends.  

  •  Friday Oct, 13th Official Check In begins at 4pm in Lobby, pick up your information packet and your Name Tag. Opportunity to Buy Raffle Tickets. You must have a Name Tag to do Room Shopping , Visitors must be with a Registered Convention Attendee. 
  •  Cocktail Hour begins at 6pm and Dinner at 7pm – Hollywood Nights Kristin and Tina Joseff of Joseff of Hollywood are excited to share an overview of their place in Hollywood film history, with some exciting new developments from the past several years! Since discovering a trove of original rental records, so much has been happening in archive research. Tina and Kristin Joseff will share what they've learned, from the personal lives of Eugene and Joan Joseff, details on Eugene's vision in Prescott, Arizona, and new identifications for film worn jewelry, including some additional Gone With the Wind pieces, and more worn by Marilyn Monroe.   I am thrilled to have the Joseff's kicking off the Rogue Vintage Jewelry Convention Opening Night Banquet with their presentation.  Wear your favorite jewelry, Vintage Attire Encouraged . Get to know your online Jewelry Friends In Person, Renew old friendships and Guest Speaker for dinner to be announced.
  •   9 PM Room Shopping Begins! Go Room Hopping Shopping with your new Jewelies or sell from your room. This will be the first of several “official” Room hopping shopping opportunities. Room Hopping Shopping usually goes on until around midnight. An official Room List will be available at dinner. 
  •  Saturday Oct. 14th 8-10am Breakfast at your leisure, room shopping, socializing 8:30-9:30 
  • Small Group Workshop TBD, additional fee required pay to instructor 10-11am – Educational Session Please see the SPEAKER UPDATE BELOW FOR MORE DETAILS 11:15- 12:30 pm – Educational Session 12:30- 1:45pm - Group Luncheon Ballroom plenty of time to eat and freshen up 2pm- 3:30pm – Education Session 

3:30-6pm – Free Time! Room Hopping Shopping, Dressing for Evening Gala 

  • Party  6pm until ???...Evening Gala Dinner and Party – Guest Speaker and Entertainment  Formal Black and White Theme, Black Tie Optional but encouraged, You may  interpret this in your own way...  After Party Room Hopping and Shopping usually goes on until around midnight.  
  •  Sunday Oct. 15th 8-9am Breakfast 9:30-11am – Education Session and Wrap Up and Farewell to New Friends! Huge Jewelry Raffle Drawing – Tickets available throughout the convention  
  • 12pm Hotel Check Out Time for those leaving.  

 We are so fortunate to have the Rhode Island Antique Mall offer to Welcome our group with a Wine and Cheese party as one of our pre-convention events. Food, Fun, Prizes, bargains! Transportation on your own 

 The Providence Costume Jewelry Museum will be open as a Pre-Event activity with a possible additional donation/admission fee. Details are forthcoming. Transportation on your own. 

Individual groups of friends will be making their own excursions to Federal Hill area, Wolf Myrow, Waliga, Pawtucket area, and the Warren area. Renting your own car makes it easy, or carpooling with a friend and sharing the expense is a good plan as well. Rhode Island is only 37 miles wide, the smallest state in the US so it’s only about 30 min to almost any location. The Hotel does have a transporation shuttle to and from the airport and other nearby locations on an available basis. For example...14 miles to Rhode Island Antique mall, so maybe 20 min at the most.   You will be on your own for all excursions, this a great way to make new friendships by ride sharing. 

Also there is a new Italian restaurant right next door for early arrivals who want to walk to dinner. The Hotel manager also assured that the restaurant and bar in the Hotel should re-open before our event takes place.  

  Planning and coordinating all these events are very time consuming and all are not yet confirmed with specific presenters. This information will be updated as specifics are confirmed. We are currently working to get some of the Old Providence Jewelry companies to make presentations about their histories. 

We may also bring back some of our favorite previous presenters as it has been over 5 years since we have had a meet up of this size. All Presenters will be provided with a Display table during their presentation if desired so they may Sell or giving away items of interest related to their presentations. 

   So many have asked for the BIG Ballroom room Sale, but alas, The State of Rhode Island has made it very complicated and difficult to do these type sales. We have to stick with room sales as most attendees are Not Rhode Island residents and don't have local license or tax numbers. Room Sales are great, Set Up displays in part of your room, or get adjoining rooms with a friend, one room for selling, one for privacy/sleeping. Room sales are strictly the responsibility of the seller, if you are selling it is your obligation to take care of any sales taxes, returns, refunds, etc associated with these sales. It is a good idea if you partner up with a friend who is not selling to assist with monitoring your display and sales, it is also advised that you make sure all your shoppers are known to you or are wearing a Rogue Convention badge before allowing them in your room, Rogue convention and Radisson have No liability for damages or losses. 

Completed Registration to convention is your agreement to all terms as stated in email and Facebook Documents. 

 Convention room rate will be available from October 9th through the 16th for early arrivals and late departures.  

BOOKINGS should be made soon, Hotel is already over 50% booked with our group

YOU must make your own reservation at Radisson Hotel Providence Airport Call 401-298-2294 You must tell them you are part of the Rogue Jewelry Convention to get the special rate of $159 per night plus local taxes this rate is good Oct 9th through Oct 16th   Please contact me via Rogue Jewelry Convention Facebook direct message or email with any questions suncoastvintagejewels@gmail.com or kimlovesvintage@gmail.com   


  Rogue Vintage Jewelry Convention Updates I am happy to announce a partial list of the speakers who will be presenting at the Rogue Vintage Jewelry Convention Rogue Jewelry Convention Opening Night  

  •  Banquet Speakers Kristin and Tina Joseff – Joseff of Hollywood Joseff of Hollywood are excited to share an overview of their place in Hollywood film history, with some exciting new developments from the past several years! Since discovering a trove of original rental records, so much has been happening in archive research. Tina and Kristin Joseff will share what they've learned, from the personal lives of Eugene and Joan Joseff, details on Eugene's vision in Prescott, Arizona, and new identifications for film worn jewelry, including some additional Gone With the Wind pieces, and more worn by Marilyn Monroe.
  •   Carole Tannebaum and Rui Yang will be leading a panel discussion on Schreiner Jewelry, research, identification and curating collections This discussion will be integrating a Zoom with Nancy Hankel and Eve Townsend. The panel will discuss Schreiner identification and research, specifically Carole and Eve will explain about the history and renaissance of Schreiner NYC. Nancy Clark Hankel will speak about her research in understudied areas such as Schreiner buttons, rings, clasps, and Schreiner in fashions. Then Rui will share about Schreinery.com, which helps to identify, track and protect Schreiner and other Vintage Jewelry with the latest technologies on Schreinery.com   
  •  Ron Verri, Owner and Designer at Gem-Craft, a third-generation family-owned jewelry company. Gem-Craft was started in 1945 by Gene Verri. Ron Verri the son of Gene Verri (Verrecchia) of Coro will be making a presentation on his Father Gene and his work at Coro. Coro Jewelry is always one of our most popular topics and we are so pleased that Ron has agreed to come and make this presentation. We are also working to have a short video tour of the Gem-Craft factory archives Rogue Vintage Jewelry Convention Updates   
  •   Sarah Nehama, Mourning Jewelry authority and author of the book “In Death Lamented” In Death Lamented: The Tradition of Anglo-American Mourning Jewelry illustrates and explains prime examples of rings, bracelets, brooches, and other pieces of mourning jewelry from the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries. Like the exhibition at the Massachusetts Historical Society, this volume showcases the materials in the Society’s collection and that of Sarah Nehama, a jeweler and private collector who co-curated the event at the MHS. These elegant and evocative objects are presented in context, including written explanations of the history, use, and meaning of the jewelry, as well as related pieces of material culture, such as broadsides, photographs, portraits, and trade cards. The jewelry included illustrates some of the most exemplary types, from early gold bands with death’s head iconography to jeweled brooches and intricately woven hairwork pieces of the Civil War era. Sarah will be doing a presentation on Mourning Jewelry that spans from the mid 17th century to the early 20th century, with a focus on Victorian Mourning Jewelry. Sarah will also have her book available for sale at a greatly reduced price.  
  •   Heleen van Elburg   Heleen is traveling to the US from the Netherlands to be a presenter at Rogue Jewelry Convention.  A Dutch businesswoman, Heleen van Elburg is the strong woman behind the company Vintage & Costume Jewelry https://vintageandcostumejewelry.eu/ , as well as the owner of a business consulting company in the Netherlands. In 2009.  Heleen fell in love with the beautiful jewelry collection with a preference for the collections of Dior from the fifties and sixties. At first, Heleen started to collect pieces for herself until her collection got a bit out of hand. Nowadays you can find Heleen at exclusive high-end trade fairs throughout Europe, Heleen also participates in fashion shows, photoshoots and lectures throughout Europe. Heleen will be talking about her business development and transition from Collector to a Successful Vintage Jewelry entrepreneur. You may have met Heleen at previous conventions as an attendee, she is delighted to be able to attend and make her presentation.    

Bead Stringing Workshop – This will be an additional fee, but worth it! Everyone has a set of vintage beads that need to be restrung and don’t want to ship them out or invest more money in them for resale, Details forthcoming on this amazing opportunity to learn to restring your vintage beads.         

Surprise Saturday Night Gala Guest You will Love!!!