I am so excited!  I want to share with you the news about the article that will feature my love of Bakelite  and kimlovesvintage.com with the world!

This month in the Spring 2020 issue of the Pioneer Woman Magazine is an article about Bakelite and Ree Drummond's long love of Bakelite.  She originally began with a love of Bakelite flatware, it so interesting and pretty.  Then her interest grew.  The 4 page article gives an overview of Bakelite and its invention and uses.  Bakelite Colors and their "Food" names are showcased as well as some unusual and desirable pieces of Bakelite. 

I worked with Hearst Magazine editors for several months on the article.  Discussing and explaining about Bakelite.  Shipping them loads of bracelets and other jewelry to photograph and interact with.  I had no idea what would be featured in the article, but I did go get my hair and makeup done for a cameo portrait.  I am wearing a fabulous 1920's Deco Bakelite set in the photo. 

I am thrilled to be part of this important informational article that brings attention to one of the most wearable and decorative forms of vintage costume jewelry.  

I never said I was an expert, but I did answer some questions.

The biggest one I would like to reiterate,  buy the things that make your heart skip a beat,  buy the best you can afford.  Make a wish list and save for those pieces you love.  Buy more plain affordable pieces to stack with your more decorative pieces.  Do some research, you will know instantly what you Love, make those your goal pieces.  

Pioneer Woman Magazine Spring Issue is available at book stores and supermarkets now!

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