Fall has arrived late here in Florida.  We are finally down below 60 degrees.  The leaves are beginning to fall off the trees and there is a cool breeze in the afternoon.  I love the first few nights without the air conditioner running it's wonderful.  The house has been decorated with pumpkins and hues of amber, gold, orange and brown in anticipation of this day.  I have also picked out some of my favorites to wear for Zoom meetings, short trips to the grocery and especially when family visit. 

It has been hard for many including me to get up and get dressed and proceed as usual during this quarantine lifestyle.  I have found that selecting comfy flattering outfits for home can be uplifting and energizing. 

Here are some beautiful choices for fall jewelry to embellish your Fall wardrobe.  This fall there are lots of new trendy jewelry pieces out there, love those too.  These are tried and True Vintage pieces that will make you smile.  Denim Vests and Jackets are back and are perfect  for wearing multiple brooches.  

Vintage Julianna Brooches for Fall

Large Vintage Siluane Statement Brooch

Just like Fall, I am running late on getting all these beauties on my website.  Please inquire if you see anything you like, hopefully they will all be on by the end of this week.  Oh and ask for the friends and family discount, only available to Blog readers.

Here are some Fall colorway offerings that are waiting in line to be uploaded to my shop. 

Vintage Costume Jewelry, Fall Colors